Commercial Roof Installation – What To Expect

commercial roof installation

What to Expect During a Commercial Roof Installation You finally have decided to replace the leaky roof you’ve been repairing for the last several months by investing in a new flat or rubber roof. You would be surprised just how many other business owners are in your shoes—especially during and after hurricane season. TPO roofing, a single membrane roofing…

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Rooftop Solar Panels

rooftop solar panels

Rooftop Solar Panels: Things to Consider Rooftop solar panels are becoming mainstream options for consumers looking to reduce their power bills, as well as their environmental footprint. Solar panels have been around for a while, but technological improvements have led to falling costs and rising installations. Installing rooftop solar panels can cost as much as a buying a new…

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Industrial Commercial Roofing enters Central Florida market

hurricane irma repairs icroofs

Industrial Commercial Roofing enters Central Florida market in response to needed Hurricane Irma repairs Joe Adams, founder and president of Industrial Commercial Roofing, announced today that the award-winning roofing company has entered the Orlando metropolitan market with a strategic plan to become the region’s top residential, commercial and industrial roofing contractor. The move was prompted by the demand for…

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Straight talk with an experienced Orlando roofer


Straight talk with an experienced Orlando roofer with the know-how and techniques to repair or replace your roof anywhere in Central Florida There are not many things more important than having a roof over your head – especially here in Orlando and across Central Florida. In Summer, a house can overheat and tax your air conditioning if the proper…

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What is TPO Roofing and why is it everywhere in Florida?

TPO Roofing Contractor Orlando

What is TPO Roofing? Our commercial roofing clients often ask “What is TPO roofing?” The short answer is that TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. It’s a light and heat reflecting material that many commercial buildings are choosing as a roofing material. TPO roofing is one of the most energy efficient roofing systems available and is perfect for the hot…

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Finding A Commercial Roofing Company That Will Work With You

Commercial Roofing Company – Serving Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine and ALL of Florida There is no substitution for a quality commercial roof contractor or a quality roof, both of which go hand and hand at Commercial Roofing. When building or repairing your commercial roof, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who you’ll hire as your…

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